HOUSTON, Texas — Precinct 5 Harris County Constable's Office deputies rescued a man from a burning vehicle, moments before it fully engulfed in flames.

The rescue was captured on the deputies' body-worn cameras, which was released by the constable's office earlier today.

According to Pct. 5 Constable Ted Heap, a 20-year-old Northwest Houston resident fell asleep while driving and struck a tree in the 15200 block of Clay Road on Sunday, December 8, 2019, at approximately 6 a.m.

"A Precinct 5 sergeant on his way home from his shift found the vehicle on fire while a wrecker driver tried in vain to get into the car and help the trapped driver," read a statement from Heap's office. "The sergeant and other deputies called to the scene used multiple fire extinguishers to temporarily slow down the spreading flames while they worked to free the driver, whose right foot was caught underneath the damaged dashboard."

Deputies fought to free the trapped man as the flames intensified in the cabin of the vehicle.

"At last, after cutting the driver’s pants, deputies were able to pull him to safety just before the passenger compartment became fully engulfed," read the release.

“These deputies showed incredible courage as they worked together to save this man’s life,” stated Heap. “You never know, until you find yourself in a situation like this, how you’ll react. The way they responded under extremely stressful and dangerous conditions makes me proud to wear the same Precinct 5 badge.”

The driver, who was not identified, suffered multiple broken bones and was transported to an area hospital where he is recovering from surgery.

"The deputies escaped relatively unharmed with only singed hair and superficial burns," stated the release.