Over $2 million in narcotics were seized from a suspected drug house after police were called for a nearby shooting investigation that left two men hospitalized. Photo courtesy Harris County Sheriff's Office Captain John Shannon

HOUSTON, Texas — A shooting investigation in the northeast Houston area led police to a nearby suspected drug house where over $2 million in narcotics were later seized.

In the early morning hours of Saturday, May 16, 2020, the Harris County Sheriff's Office responded to shooting in the 5800 block of Etheline Street in the northeast Houston area in unincorporated Harris County.

There, two adult males had been shot while in their vehicle by someone in another vehicle, police initially reported of the investigation.

At the time of the incident, both men had been transported to an area hospital in serious but stable condition.

In an update Saturday night, Harris County Sheriff's Office Captain John Shannon says the shooting was related to a drug house on the street. There, investigators seized over $2 million in narcotics, he says.

There has been no word on arrests in the case or the current condition of the two adult males who were shot early Saturday morning. has requested additional details on the case.

This is a developing story.