DALLAS, Texas — The Dallas Police Department's Vice Unit seized nine illegal gambling machines during their execution of two separate search warrants.

According to police, the investigation came after the Vice Unit received multiple complaints regarding illegal gambling at two different locations, the Amigos Grocery located on the 8500 block of Denton Drive and the AZC Store located on the 13000 block of Coit Road.

"During the course of the investigation, undercover detectives were able to develop sufficient probable cause to have a search warrant completed and signed by a magistrate," stated the department about both cases.

On July 2, 2020, the Vice Unit executed the search warrant for the Amigos Grocery. During their search they seized a total of four gambling machines motherboards and $455 in cash.

At approximately 9:30 a.m., on July 3, 2020, the Vice Unit executed the search warrant for AZC store. As a result they seized five gambling machine motherboards and $12,585 in cash.