ROCKWALL, Texas — Earlier this week, two juvenile Rockwall High School students were arrested and charged with terroristic threat in connection with social media threats of school violence, the Rockwall Police Department announced today.

"The investigations revealed both students claimed the social media statements were meant as a joke," read a statement from the department. "Even if these statements were meant as a joke, the Rockwall Police Department will not tolerate any statements that threaten school safety"

"We will fully investigate any alleged threat of school violence and when we find those responsible, they will be arrested and charged with felony offenses," continued the statement.

The Rockwall Police Department says they work closely with the Rockwall Independent School District when these types of threats are reported — with student and staff safety as the number one priority.

Because the students are juveniles, their identities were not released.

"Recent events around the State and our country have demonstrated the importance of reporting any alarming comments or behaviors that might indicate someone is planning an act of violence," stated the department. "The Rockwall Police Department commends those individuals who came forward and reported the alarming comments to the School District and to the Police Department."