DALLAS, Texas — First responders are continuing to search a high-rise apartment in downtown Dallas after a crane from a nearby construction project collapsed on Sunday afternoon.

Some areas of the apartment have been inaccessible to emergency personnel for primary and secondary searches, according to Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesperson Jason Evans.

Evans said, at a press conference around 4 p.m., that at least six people had been found injured and another deceased. This may change as live-find rescue dogs begin searches of the apartment deemed inaccessible to emergency personnel.

The Dallas Fire-Rescue was first notified of the crane collapse at approximately 1:57 p.m. in the 2600 block of Live Oak Street in downtown Dallas. The crane collapsed onto the Elan City Lights building, according to Evans.

Because of the integrity of the structure, and the inaccessibility for first responders in some areas, Evans says its unknown if there are still missing or unaccounted for persons.

At this time, the cause of the collapse has not been confirmed but Evans says there is a strong possibility that high winds played a factor.

Of the injured, four were taken to Baylor University Medical Center and three to Parkland Memorial Hospital. Two were transported in critical condition and three were non-critical but serious. One person sustained minor injuries and has since been released.

"Multiple resources, to include Fire Operations, Emergency Medical Services, Urban Search and Rescue and Hazardous Materials assets, have been dispatched to the scene to help mitigate the situation," stated Evans.


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